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My approach to fine art is characterized by principles of what has been traditionally called sacred art. All of life is sacred, imbued with beauty and the possibility of ever-greater beauty. We are coming through a very painful time in history, but we are also coming into a very wonderful age in history, a time of democracy, individual rights and freedom to love God. Our heritage is found in the sacred teachings and mystical traditions of all peoples of the Earth. Though it is communicated in different forms, the work is always the same in each religious tradition: the work of bringing creation closer to God and God closer to the earth. For me this is creating images that show the human being transparent to the Light that is at the Heart of matter.
I have been a professional artist for 15 years. I studied at the University of Notre Dame, Rome, Italy, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. My work is a contemporary celebration of creation and the relationship humanity has to the earth and to one’s deeper Self, the Divine Beloved. Dance is a principle inspiration for me. I work in many forms, from painting to sculpture and jewelry, employing many different media such as bronze and gold, as well as ceramics, wood and stone, clear acrylic and fiber optic lighting. My works are in many private collections nationwide as well as public sites such as the University of Maryland at College Park and soon Georgetown University and downtown Washington, DC (in cooperation with City Dance Ensemble). Currently, I am artist-in-residence at the Franciscan Monastery and studying for a PhD in Religion and Culture at the Catholic University of America.
  • Architecture/Interior Design
  • Mixed Media
  • Sculpture
  • DC Centric
  • Dissident
  • Figural/Representational
  • Oriental
  • Post-Modern (Contemporary)


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"Tikun Olam Chanukiah," maquette for Chanukah Menorah for Georgetown University Hillel, 5 feet high, 2005
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